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Guitarist Mark McGuire's 'Beginning Of Winter' Is An Elegant, Looped Euphoria

For over a decade, Mark McGuire has made guitar music for subterranean stargazing. He was, most notably, in the synthy guitar duo Emeralds until 2013, but his solo work has always stood apart as a thoughtful lesson in effects-driven guitar music. In his second LP for the VDSQ label, Ideas Of Beginnings, McGuire splits sides: strummy, melodic, acoustic instrumentals, and a wide range of electric pieces.

"Beginning Of Winter" is built around a delay-reliant guitar loop that feels like it's always been and always will be. The melody ripples like a pond in the dimensional rift, adding parts and disappearing just as quickly, climaxing in layers of looped euphoria. In this video, the meditative guitar-playing McGuire slowly fades from a double-exposure of the forest, slowly covered in snow and ice.

Ideas Of Beginnings comes out June 2 on .

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