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Prince Harry and the future of the British monarchy

In his new memoir, “Spare,” Prince Harry has a lot to say. 

By now you’ve probably seen the headlines – and memes – about the revelations the Duke of Sussex includes in his book.

He covers topics like his tours in Afghanistan, his rocky relationship with his brother William, and his marriage to Meghan Markle. He also tells stories about tripping on mushrooms and the time he got frostbite on his penis. 

Overall, the book is a revealing look into the Firm — the invisible machine that operates the royal family and a condemnation of the British tabloid press. 

And it’s been incredibly popular. Libraries here in the U.S. are struggling to meet the demand, with months-long wait times for a copy.

So, what does this say about the enduring fascination Americans have with the royal family? And what does the future of the British monarchy look like? 

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