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Additional Guantanamo Documents Show More 'High Risk' Detainees

Since our original reporting last month on the "Guantanamo Papers", NPR has obtained an additional 63 previously secret assessments of detainees being held there. These military documents, like the earlier ones, were obtained from The New York Times, but had not been included in the first set because of a computer software error at The Times.

The new documents include details on an additional 35 detainees about whom no information had previously been released, including the former Taliban minister of commerce in Afghanistan and a Saudi who went AWOL from the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces. There are still 15 detainees for whom no assessments are available.

The additional assessments raise the number of detainees rated as "high risk" to at least 322 out of 779 men who have been held at Guantanamo. At least 179 of these "high risk" detainees have been transferred out of Guantanamo. One of them, Almasm Rabilavich Sharipov, had previously been identified by NPR and The New York Times as having returned to terrorism or insurgent activity. His assessment raises to 13 the number of "high risk" detained who returned to the fight after being released.

We've updated our interactive graphic that tracks the detainees to reflect this additional information. NPR's coverage of the Guantanamo Papers is here.

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Tom Gjelten and Margot Williams