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Haven't Seen The 'Webcam 101 For Seniors' Video Yet? Here It Is

It's one of this week's "viral video sensations," as ABC News' Technology Review says.

Oregon senior citizens Bruce and Esther Huffman were playing with their new laptop and trying to figure out how to use its camera function. They ended up inadvertently making a video that's been watched more than 4 million times since a granddaughter put it on YouTube last month.

He sings, burps and makes faces — and gets a little frisky. She keeps trying to find out how the dang thing works.

Portland's KATU-TV talked to the couple this week and reports that:

"Just in case anyone thinks the video was all an act, the couple assures everyone that's just not the case. 'If we'd have staged it, I would have been all, uhhhhh ... but since we knew nothing was happening, we were just being ourselves just having fun laughs,' Bruce said."

The Oregonian reports Bruce is 86. Esther is 79. And it adds that Esther says they "married seven years ago after their spouses from previous marriages died, [and] are 'very much still in love' " — something that the video certainly shows.

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