Sun June 23, 2013
Swallow Hill Sessions

David Hidalgo & Marc Ribot Live @ Swallow Hill

David Hidalgo, the voice and guitar behind Los Lobos, and Marc Ribot put it together in a performance at the L2 Arts & Culture Center.

Their project, Border Music, covers all of the sounds of the coasts, cultures, styles and more. There was even a cover of Merle Haggard's "The Running Kind" just to be sure they cover the gamut.

Live @ Swallow Hill Excerpt: Hidalgo & Ribot play 'The Running Kind'

Live @ Swallow Hill Excerpt: Hidalgo & Ribot - La Pistola Y El Corazon

The following is a video posted to YouTube by Ralph Longobardi from the L2 performance showing off Hidalgo and Ribot playing "(please bring) Peace To The Neighborhood."


This performance originally aired June 23, 2013 and was recorded at L2 Arts & Culture Center, January 10, 2013. The performance archived here contains material not aired in the broadcast version. Editor's Note: June, 26: The full performance has been removed by request of the artists' management.

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