Fri December 26, 2014

'Unbroken' Doesn't Get Past The Boundaries Of Its Genre

A screencap from the film 'Unbroken.'
courtesy Universal Pictures

Unbroken starts on a roll. A series of terse shots show how a World War II B-24 bomber works – the famous Norden bombsight, the propellers and wing flaps, the rotating bubbles for machine gunners. Inside you meet the faces of the very young men who served in these machines.

They were kids, and the sight of it roils your gut. Then the picture heads south.

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Fri December 26, 2014
On The Slopes

Getting High Safely: Aspen Launches Marijuana Education Campaign

Originally published on Fri December 26, 2014 11:02 pm

Officials in Aspen have put out a brochure on how to use marijuana safely and legally.
Marci Krivonen

The state government and the marijuana industry in Colorado are working to educate people about how to use pot safely. But in the high Rockies, one community is taking matters into its own hands.

The local sheriff in Aspen is leading an education effort that targets skiers and snowboarders flocking to the winter resort. And the sheriff isn't waiting until visitors hit the slopes — their education starts at the airport with pamphlets on marijuana.

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Fri December 26, 2014

The Grocery Delivery Man Who Brings Joy To A Housing Complex

Originally published on Fri December 26, 2014 5:52 am

Herman Travis, 55, lives in Holly Courts, a low-income housing complex in San Francisco.

Every Tuesday, Travis fills a shopping cart with groceries from a local food bank and makes home deliveries to his elderly and disabled neighbors. He started doing it in 2007 and says when he first started, people were skeptical.

"When I first started doing it. People was cautious. They didn't let me in their house, but after they got to really know me they would just be happy to see me," says Travis.

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Wed December 24, 2014
Holiday Food

Nostalgia For Sharktooth Brings Us This Holiday Drink: Hot Dr. Pepper

Everything you need to make hot Dr. Pepper
Jim Hill KUNC

Do you remember Sharktooth Ski Area? It's a defunct small ski hill located on the Colorado plains between Greeley and Windsor. Turns out a lot of people have fond memories – learning to ski, tubing down the hill and drinking hot Dr. Pepper after a run.

Wait, hot Dr. Pepper?

For most of us, hot chocolate is the go-to beverage for winter activities. But warmed-up soda? It got us wondering, was it something unique to Sharktooth, or was it something more widespread?

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Tue December 23, 2014

As Snow Jams Holiday Travel, CDOT Says I-70 Winter Plan Is Working

Continuous Flow Metering at the Eisenhower Tunnels. April, 2014.
Colorado Department of Transportation Flickr-Used With Permission.

Despite delays and closures due to increased traffic and adverse conditions leading into the busy holiday season, the Colorado Department of Transportation said they are striving to keep the main highway running though the high country open during winter storms, and delays down to a minimum.

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