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Mon January 26, 2015
Arts & Life

Denver's School Of Botanic Art Teaches Students To See Nature With Fresh Eyes

A colored pencil drawing by Mary Francis, student at Denver School of Botanical Art and Illustration.
Denver School Of Botanical Art and Illustration

A sprig of dried rose hips sits atop Nels Broste's drafting table, in a classroom inside the Denver Botanic Gardens. Broste has drawn an outline on the paper in front of him, and flips back and forth between sheets of tracing paper as he tries to perfect his composition.

Connie Sayes, his instructor, walks up with some encouragement and a few tips.

"So what I like is these interesting shapes, so if this was your paper, we've got this nice jagged edge here," said Sayes.

"I also like the balance between the different textures, so we know that these rose trips are crinkled up, it will be a really nice contrast. So you want to push those textures."

Broste is not an artist by training -- he's a retired engineer -- but his sketch is spot on. He recently earned a certificate from the Denver Botanic Gardens School of Botanical Art and Illustration. He's taking this extra class, "for the fun of it."

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Mon January 26, 2015


Mon January 26, 2015
Capitol Conversation

Tempers Flare Over GOP Moves In Committee At The Statehouse

Colorado Senate GOP Flickr - Creative Commons

Colorado's new Republican Senate has majority flexed their muscles at the state capitol, using their power on the Joint Budget Committee to defund a 2013 law allowing people in the country illegally to obtain a state driver's license. They also struck down a bill to harmonize Colorado's civil unions law with a gay marriage ban that was deemed unconstitutional by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. On top of that, a commission looking at pay equity between men and women was struck down.

With split legislative control and Democrats in charge of the House, how will this impact both parties politically?

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Sun January 25, 2015

Losing A Soul Mate And A Pillar Of St. Louis' Trans Community

Originally published on Mon January 26, 2015 7:19 am

Shane Fairchild (left) tells his friend Sayer Johnson that his late wife, Blue Bauer, was "the only person I ever met that ever treated me like I was me."

StoryCorps' OutLoud initiative records stories from the LGBTQ community.

Shane Fairchild's wife, Blue Bauer, was "very rough around the edges," he says: "Blue was 6-foot tall, weighed about 230 pounds, had red hair and brown eyes, had been a trucker all of her life," Fairchild tells their friend Sayer Johnson during a StoryCorps interview in St. Louis, Mo.

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Sat January 24, 2015
marc on the blues

Grandpa Elliot: From The Streets To The Tonight Show - And Back

Grandpa Elliot had a fair level of success in recording and performing in clubs, on TV and in concerts. Yet, he chooses to be a street musician. The reasons are a sad commentary on the treatment of vulnerable artists by some of the mercenaries of the music industry.

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