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Mon April 27, 2015

Chipotle Says It's GMO-Free

Credit Mr.TinDC / Creative Commons

Chipotle Mexican Grill has completed a task that remained elusive for years: removing all food products derived from genetically engineered crops from its menu.

The Denver-based company is the first national restaurant chain to make the change.

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Mon April 27, 2015

Lawmaker Pay Comes Up As Colo. Legislature's Close Draws Near

Jim Hill KUNC

A bill to raise the salaries of elected officials in Colorado is expected to be introduced in the final days of the legislative session. A measure has been in the works for months.

Statewide elected officials in Colorado have not received a raise since 1998. The state's governor ranks 47th in the country in terms of salary, earning $90,000.

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Mon April 27, 2015
Capitol Conversation

Fed Land Control, I-70 Tread Bills Debated At The Capitol As Time Ticks Down

KUNC File Photo

As the state Legislature enters the home stretch, lawmakers recently debated a measure to study whether to transfer federal lands to the state. Another bill aimed at relieving congestion on Interstate 70 heading through the mountains also became contentious. There's not much time left for these debates, the annual session ends May 6.

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Mon April 27, 2015

Opening Statements To Begin Monday In Colorado Theater Shooting Trial

Originally published on Mon April 27, 2015 6:53 pm

An artist's sketch of Colorado theater shooting suspect James Holmes, from an April 2013 court appearance.
Bill Robles Reuters/Landov

It's been nearly three years since 12 people were killed in Aurora, Colo., at a midnight premier of the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.

James Holmes' legal team admits he was behind the massacre, but there are two key questions: Was he insane, and should he be put to death?

Tom Teves says his son Alex made a split-second decision to shield his girlfriend when the gunman stormed the theater and began firing into the crowd.

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Fri April 24, 2015

'The Mafia Only Kills In Summer,' A Coming Of Age Tale To The Beat Of Organized Crime

courtesy Distrib Films

We Americans love stories about the Mafia, or at least movie versions of Italian crime organizations. Many of us admire Clemenza's mix of cold killer and adorable family man in The Godfather. You don't have to look any farther than the often quoted line, "Leave the gun; take the canoli." There's real denial of what it shows about Clemenza and most everyone else in the film.

Films made in Italy, like The Mafia Only Kills in Summer, have a different attitude toward the Mafia.

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