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Sun April 19, 2015

'This Is Going To Be Too Hard': Keeping Kids From Using Pot

Originally published on Sun April 19, 2015 9:00 am

Christopher Furlong Getty Images

Public perceptions of marijuana have come a long way. Once a symbol of the counterculture, pot has become part of the culture.

In Colorado, it's part of everyday culture.

Colorado has allowed medical marijuana since 2001, but voters amended the state constitution in 2012 to allow private marijuana consumption for adults aged 21 or older. The first-ever stores to sell state-regulated recreational pot opened their doors on Jan. 1, 2014.

The law has raised serious concerns for parents and those working with kids to keep young people away from drugs.

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Sat April 18, 2015

Formerly Homeless Vet And His Dad Remember His Darkest Moments

Originally published on Sat April 18, 2015 8:59 am

Scott Skiles, 61, and his son Zach Skiles, 32, had never sat down to talk about Zach's life after his deployment to Iraq --until their recent StoryCorps interview.

StoryCorps' Military Voices Initiative records stories from members of the U.S. military who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Before Marine Cpl. Zach Skiles left for Iraq in 2003, he shared a quiet moment with his father, Scott Skiles.

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Fri April 17, 2015


Fri April 17, 2015

'Kumiko' Is A Wondrously Enigmatic Treasure Of Its Own

Rinko Kikuchi stars as Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter.
Courtesy of Lila 9th Productions

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter opens on a young woman walking along a beach in Japan. Her face set and determined, she heads directly into a cave, digs in the sand and pulls out a video cassette wrapped in a cloth, as if it were waiting for her.

What she's unearthed happens to be the Coen brothers' Fargo, which opens with the statement that the story is true. Kumiko, who stays grimly unexpressive much of the time, apparently believes this claim, especially the part where Steve Buscemi's character, smeared in blood, stashes a case packed with money in the snow.

Kumiko draws herself a map, which she believes is accurate, and she sets off for Minnesota and North Dakota.

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Fri April 17, 2015

National Record Store Day Celebrates Vinyl's Revival

Aubrey Jacobs, 27, picks through the racks of records at Bizarre Bazaar.
Stacy Nick KUNC

For all the advantages that digital music has to offer - portability, price, playlists - more people are going back to the turntable.

"A record makes the experience of an album a complete package, and a satisfying one at that, because you have an appealing presentation, and of course you have the old setup of a certain number of tracks per side and needing to flip the record," said Ben Peterson, the vinyl guru at Fort Collins' lone record store, Bizarre Bazaar.

He’s not alone in his appreciation for the old-school allure of the LP. In fact, everyone who makes the annual pilgrimage on National Record Store Day would nod their head along to the beat in agreement.

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