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Thu July 2, 2015


Thu July 2, 2015
Arts & Life

A Scarcity Of Ballet Boys Means Big Breaks For Those Who Dance

Fifteen-year-old Patrick Koenigs practices during an all-boys class at the Colorado Ballet in Denver.
Stacy Nick KUNC

The world's most famous ballets all feature a handsome prince dancing alongside the beautiful ballerinas -  think Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and, of course, The Nutcracker. At the training grounds for future dancers, it's more of a challenge these days to find the boys who will someday play those roles.

"Usually they only think of girls as taking ballet, like wearing dresses and stuff," said 8-year-old Finn Miller Vaughan, the only boy in a sea of pink tutus at Canyon Concert Ballet in Fort Collins. "They always think that… that it's weird and it's not that cool."

But the lack of boys interested in ballet has actually made the art form a very cool and a potentially career-making opportunity for those who do.

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Thu July 2, 2015

Want A Better Bike Helmet? Fort Collins’ Incubators Are Shepherding One Along

A prototype helmet after a 11-lb spike was dropped on it from above. It's got some cracks, but an ordinary bicycle helmet would have broken apart.
Stephanie Paige Ogburn KUNC

Safety glasses securely in place, Clint Bickmore is hoisting a large metal plug into the air. His business partner, Nathan Saam helpfully points out that "you might want to step back a little bit." Beneath the affectionately named "spike of doom" sits a primitive-looking G.I. Joe-style helmet, dull black in color.

"So we accelerate this spike to almost 15 miles an hour and we drop it on top of the shell to see if we get penetration in the helmet," Saam said.

The spike plunges down, and with a clunk, hits the top of the shell. Three large cracks spiral out of the plastic, but it's not broken. In fact, it's barely dented. If it was like most helmets, it would have shattered or at least suffered a big indentation with a small fracture pattern, said Saam.

This destruction has a point. Saam and Bickmore are trying to build a better bike helmet.

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Thu July 2, 2015
inTune Station Blog

From Neil Best's Desk: How We Look At Changes On The Radio

Changes in public radio have been in the headlines. Garrison Keillor told a newspaper in Massachusetts he would be retiring within the next year. That was followed by the announcement that after more than 12 years of anchoring All Things Considered, Melissa Block will be leaving that seat to become a Special Correspondent for NPR.

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Wed July 1, 2015

Think Fireflies Can’t Be Found In Colorado? Think Again

Fireflies aren't common in Colorado but they can be found.
Ashley Harrigan Flickr - Creative Commons

Whether you call them fireflies or lightning bugs, they are just not very common in the west - but not impossible to find. In fact, thanks to a wetter summer, we may be seeing more of them right now.

“Probably a lot of people have never seen fireflies if they grew up in Colorado,” said Whitney Cranshaw, a Colorado State University entomologist. “Fireflies are always here. The issue is we don’t have a lot of fireflies.”

In Colorado, they can be found in small pockets near permanent water sources. During the larval stage they feed on things that thrive in wet areas – including slugs, snails, and earthworms.

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