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Tue July 28, 2015

Lawsuit Alleging JBS Discrimination Against Muslim Employees Will Proceed

JBS USA's headquarters in Greeley, Colorado.
Credit Stephanie Paige Ogburn / KUNC

A federal lawsuit that alleges Greeley-based meatpacking company JBS USA engaged in wide-scale discrimination against Muslim employees is heading to trial.

U.S. District Court Judge Philip Brimmer denied the company’s request for summary judgment in a case that stems back to 2008 when the company’s Greeley beef plant fired Somali Muslim employees who were requesting breaks be scheduled to coincide with prayer time during Ramadan, a month of the Islamic calendar that requires daytime fasting and prayer.

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Tue July 28, 2015


Tue July 28, 2015
American Graduate

Here's A Unique Approach To Keep Kids In High School: Pay Them

Courtesy of the Student Recovery Program

While many of their friends are hanging out at the mall or playing video games at home during the summer, about 40 high school sophomores and juniors are spending their vacation days in class. But unlike a typical summer school… this program actually pays them to be there.

One thing these students all have in common is that they're all Latino males who attend either Northridge or Greeley Central High School. Another common characteristic: they're all considered at high risk of dropping out of school before getting a diploma.

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Mon July 27, 2015
Arts & Life

New Colorado Initiative Wants To Give Rural Artists 'Space To Create'

Gov. John Hickenlooper points at a map of the eight rural regions the Space to Create initiative will focus on over the next eight years.
Stacy Nick KUNC

In the shadow of the Loveland Artspace Arts Campus, a new statewide initiative to create mixed-use sites for artists in nine rural Colorado communities was unveiled by Gov. John Hickenlooper.

A first of its kind in the country, the Space to Create initiative will feature customized affordable housing/work space for artists as well as commercial space for creatively inclined organizations and businesses.

Hickenlooper announced the initiative's first site will be in Trinidad.

"To be blunt, Denver and Boulder and Fort Collins, they don't need that much help. The more rural parts of the state are still struggling and some of them have very high unemployment rates up close to 6 percent," Hickenlooper said. "So we want to try to put energy into those communities and try to make sure that their economy gets a lift as well."

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Mon July 27, 2015

To Keep The Grid Humming, You'd Better Check The Space Weather

One of the crew members aboard the International Space Station captured this night panorama featuring athe Aurora Borealis, and scattered lights in the more highly populated areas in the state of Colorado, February 2013.

If you've ever seen the Northern Lights, you've seen the most visible evidence of a solar storm. Bursts of electrically charged particles race toward Earth, and when they hit the planet's magnetic field, they cause beautiful auroras. A norm in northern locales, sky watchers in southerly states like Colorado were treated to a rare light show in June. In addition to clogging up your Instagram with photos, solar storms can also wreak havoc on our electric grid.

Federal regulators are working on new rules that are supposed to protect the electric grid from solar storms, but there's criticism that they don't go far enough.

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