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Thu May 21, 2015

Front Range Rents Are Spiking. Here's How That Hurts The Economy

Charleston's The Digital Flickr-Creative Commons

Rent prices in the Denver area are going up faster than rents in San Francisco. The situation isn't any better in Fort Collins and Greeley. Each community experienced double digit growth in rental prices in 2014, and the trend is not showing signs of slowing down.

But maybe your rent is affordable. Or you bought your house decades ago. So why should you care if your neighbor down the street is paying a ton for her crappy apartment?

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Thu May 21, 2015


Thu May 21, 2015

'Freak Of Nature' Cow Runs The Elite World Of Cattle Breeding

Panda, a stud dame, is held in a cattle chute during the embryo-harvesting procedure. Dr. Michael Pugh has collected her embryos an estimated 35-40 times, resulting in hundreds of embryos.
Abby Wendle Harvest Public Media

Panda, standing six feet tall and weighing almost a ton, is everything a show cow should be: broad-backed and round-rumped, with sturdy legs holding up her heft. Her hide - thick and black, with splotches of creamy white - fits her name.

“She’s a big time cow,” says Dan Byers, owner of Byers Premium Cattle, Inc. “She’s a freak of nature is what she is.”

Because of her impeccable physique, Panda’s descendants sell for a high price. Byers, an elite-cattle breeder in Roseville, Ill., owns several of Panda’s daughters. He sold one of her grand-calves last year for $10,000 to a family in Oklahoma that shows cattle at state fairs and national competitions.

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Wed May 20, 2015
Shots - Health News

Looks Good Enough To Smoke: Marijuana Gets Its Glamour Moment

Originally published on Thu May 21, 2015 6:15 am

Courtesy of Chronicle Books

When Erik Christiansen started smoking pot, he became fascinated by the look of different marijuana strains. But the photographs of marijuana he saw didn't capture the variety.

So he went to the hardware store and picked up two lights and a cardboard box. "I didn't even have a macro lens — I was shooting through a magnifying glass," he says.

The California-based photographer tinkered with his macro technique until he had created a consistent way to capture highly detailed images of marijuana.

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Wed May 20, 2015