Tue October 21, 2014

Farmers Gear Up For Record Harvest, Brace For Lower Prices

Nationwide, farmers are expected to harvest record-breaking amounts of corn and soybeans this year.
Credit Grant Gerlock / Harvest Public Media

U.S. farmers are bringing in what’s expected to be a record-breaking harvest for both corn and soybeans. But all that productivity has a big financial downside: plunging prices that have many Midwest farmers hoping to merely break-even on this year’s crop.

Farmers will haul in 4 billion bushels of soybeans and 14.5 billion bushels of corn, according to USDA estimates. Those are record-breaking numbers, made possible by producers planting more corn and soybean acres and near-perfect weather in the Corn Belt.

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Tue October 21, 2014


Tue October 21, 2014

To Reduce Lyme Disease In Humans, Fort Collins Researcher Wants To Vaccinate Mice

Laboratory mice eating oral vaccine that protects them from Lyme disease bacteria.
Division of Vector-borne Diseases, CDC

It begins with a rash – red, and expanding. Then, exhaustion. Joints ache as if with arthritis. There may be a headache, fever, chills. If it goes untreated, the arthritis can last years. Even worse, the brain may be affected, leading to shooting pains and tingling limbs, or even memory loss.

These are the symptoms of Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness that affects around 300,000 Americans each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There is no human vaccine for Lyme, but now a CDC researcher has developed a new way to fight the troublesome disease: by vaccinating the mice that carry it. 

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Tue October 21, 2014
Colorado Votes 2014

Amendment 67 Seeks To Add The Unborn To The Definition of Person And Child

One of this November's statewide ballot questions may look familiar to Coloradans. For the third time since 2008 voters will decide the fate of an amendment dealing with the issue of personhood. This time around supporters are taking a different approach.

Amendment 67 would change the state's criminal code and wrongful death act to include the term "unborn human beings" when referring to a "person" or "child."

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Mon October 20, 2014

In GOP Stronghold Weld County, Udall Pushes To Get Out The Vote

Udall speaks to supporters on the University of Northern Colorado campus in Greeley on October 20, 2014.
Grace Hood KUNC

Incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Udall swung through the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley to recruit volunteers and get voters fired up for Election Day. The county is well-known as a conservative stronghold expected to support Republican challenger Cory Gardner.

"We need you all to get out, get people into the neighborhoods, knocking on the doors, making the case," Udall told the small group, stressing that every vote counts.

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