Fri October 31, 2014

After More Mine Layoffs, Pondering What's Next For Colorado Coal Country

A sticker on a truck in Delta County, Colorado, offers an example of local support for coal.
Stephanie Paige Ogburn KUNC

A coal mine in Delta County announced Wednesday it is laying off 150 workers, over 40 percent of its workforce. The Bowie #2 mine layoffs follow the shutdown one year ago of another area mine, which laid off nearly 300 workers.

Colorado's 12 coal mines produced almost 29 million short tons of coal a year, according to 2012 figures from the Energy Information Administration [.pdf]. These latest layoffs are part of a downturn in coal's fortunes, which could continue to affect rural areas of the state that depend on coal for high-paying jobs. 

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Fri October 31, 2014
Capitol Conversation

What The Colorado Campaigns Are Focused On In These Final Days

Ken Lund Flickr - Creative Commons

Election Day is less than a week away, and campaigns for close races for U.S. Senate and Governor are making their final pitch to voters. In order to get a sense of what could tip the balance in these tossup races for Governor and Senate, we picked the brains of reporters that work at the state capitol.

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Fri October 31, 2014

New Four Mile Fire Station Will Be An Upgrade, Indoor Plumbing And All

The new $1.5 million fire station will be operational June 2015.
Credit Bret Gibson / Four Mile Fire Department

The Four Mile Fire District is situated in the mountains just west of Boulder and has been hit hard in recent years. There's some good news though – groundbreaking on a new $1.5 million fire station will begin on Halloween Friday.

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Fri October 31, 2014

Take A Chance, Take In A Hidden Gem At The Denver Film Fest

A still from 'Supernova' which will be playing at the 37th Denver Film Festival
coutesy Denver Film Festival

The Denver Film Festival will show over 200 movies this year. Even counting shorts, that’s too many. There’s a lot of good stuff to see though, and a lot of those films are way under the radar. The glitzy films in the festival are going to open in theaters soon enough. Look for what’s not so obvious. That’s where you’ll find unexpected pleasures.

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Fri October 31, 2014

For Morbid Anatomy Museum Founder, Spooky Things Are Life's Work

Originally published on Fri October 31, 2014 10:03 am

Joanna Ebenstein, founder of the Morbid Anatomy Museum, with a taxidermy two-headed duckling.
Liyna Anwar for NPR

Joanna Ebenstein is founder of the Morbid Anatomy Museum, which features a human skeleton, a pickled possum and a two-headed duckling, among other things. It's in Brooklyn's Gowanus neighborhood.

Ebenstein and her father, Bob, recalled during a recent visit to StoryCorps how ever since childhood, she's been fascinated with things that make most of us squirm, including black widow spiders.

"I used to catch them, and I'd put them in jars," says Joanna, 42.

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