Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos Take Home The NFL Title

Peyton Manning is once more on top of the world. The Denver Broncos quarterback — a future Hall of Famer in what may be his final season — is once more a Super Bowl champion. The Broncos have beaten the Carolina Panthers, 24-10.The game fell well short of a quarterback duel, though. Again, it was the Denver defense that led the way, harassing Cam Newton, forcing turnover after turnover and even tacking on a score of their own.It was sloppy, it was often ugly, but it was, without a doubt, the ...
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On-air challenge: Every answer given in this week's puzzle is a compound word or a familiar two-word phrase in which each part contains the consecutive letters A-N.

For example: Steinway product --> GRAND PIANO.

Last week's challenge, from listener Michael Shteyman of Odenton, Md.: Take the name of a country and a well-known city in the Middle East — 12 letters in all. Rearrange these letters to name another country and another well-known city in the Middle East. What places are these?

Which beer goes with guacamole? And which brew adds a nice clean, crisp finish to spicy wings?

Those are burning questions for anyone who wants to take his snack game to the next level this Super Bowl weekend. And two craft beer experts who wrote the book on pairing have the answers.

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State lawmakers are debating whether terminally ill patients with less than six months to live should be allowed to take medication to end their own lives. It's just one of several controversial bills being debated under the gold dome.

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If you catch a glimpse of the crowd on Oscar night, you can see eyes glaze over when the nominees for best short films are named. Live action or animation – it doesn't matter – the crowd acts as if it's time to snooze. Yet the shorts bring a lot of enthusiasm from audiences around the country. Sometimes the films are worth it, but other times, like this year, I think they're not.

Anita Martinez, Colorado Parks and Wildlife / Division of Wildlife

Colorado could be the next state to allow hunters to wear florescent pink. A Democratic proposal to give hunters the option of wearing pink – in addition to the traditional safety orange – has passed the Republican controlled Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee.

"I hunt because it's a treasured time with my dad and my brothers," said Senator Kerry Donovan (D-Vail), a big game hunter and sponsor of Senate Bill 68 [.pdf]. "And the stories that happen in hunting camp are the stories that my family tell over and over again."

Editor's Note: Some may find the graphic material in this post disturbing.

"I remember taking the gun out," says Sean Smith. "My sister was off to the side of the room."

Smith, now 36, was just 10 years old at the time. He had arrived home after school with his 8-year-old sister, Erin. Their parents weren't home yet, so they'd gone searching for hidden video games in their father's dresser drawer.

That's when Sean Smith found a .38 revolver.

Holsteins, the black and white spotted dairy cattle, are known for their long, lanky limbs and calm temperaments.
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America's dairy farms are doing more with less. There are fewer dairy cows today than just a few decades ago, but today’s cows are producing more milk than ever.

Part of the increase is due to genetics. Dairy cows have been bred to be larger, hungrier, and more productive. That focus on genetics to produce more milk has some prominent livestock advocates ringing alarm bells.

We are just 26 days away from launching our two new services - news, information and storytelling at 91.5fm and music discovery at 105.5fm. I am pleased to share with you that while the timeline feels tight, at least to us, plans are coming together and we will be ready on Feb. 29.