Fri October 31, 2014

Take A Chance, Take In A Hidden Gem At The Denver Film Fest

A still from 'Supernova' which will be playing at the 37th Denver Film Festival
coutesy Denver Film Festival

The Denver Film Festival will show over 200 movies this year. Even counting shorts, that’s too many. There’s a lot of good stuff to see though, and a lot of those films are way under the radar. The glitzy films in the festival are going to open in theaters soon enough. Look for what’s not so obvious. That’s where you’ll find unexpected pleasures.

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Thu October 30, 2014

Wyoming's Campaign And Classroom Balancing Act On Climate Change

Republican campaign signs cover a roadside shack near Alpine, Wyoming.
Leigh Paterson Inside Energy

As Election Day approaches, candidates are using the issue of climate change science in the classroom to mobilize their bases. This is especially true in Wyoming, because with just over half a million residents, elections are generally decided by just a handful of votes.

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Thu October 30, 2014


Thu October 30, 2014

State Officials: Trout Restoration Planning 'Ongoing' Since 2013 Floods

A view of state infrastructure destroyed by heavy rains, with some areas receiving as much as 18 inches in a 24-hour period, during flood rescue and recovery operations in Boulder, Colo., Sept. 16, 2013.
DVIDSHUB Creative Commons

On the heels of a story published in the Coloradoan linking declining trout populations to road reconstruction after the 2013 floods, the Colorado Department of Transportation said it did not disregard the impact that repairs have on the natural environment, and the trout population.

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Thu October 30, 2014
Arts District

History Was Impetus, But It's Future Work That Drives Judy Chicago

One of Judy Chicago's latest works, part of her 'Heads Up' series.
Carrie Saldo, Arts District

Judy Chicago has long trumpeted the significant achievements of her gender. Often regarded as the mother of the feminist art movement, she – at 75 – is far more interested in work she's yet to conceive than her past labors.

"I've had a real battle," Chicago said reflecting on her career. "I've had reviews that are so awful the earth is supposed to open up and you are supposed to get into it, dig yourself underneath the ground, and never appear again."

That she refused to bury herself and continues to create new work inspired Denver's Red Line gallery to take a different approach to celebrating Chicago's career, five-decades in the making.

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