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Fri February 8, 2013
Planet Money

Episode 434: Dealing With Danger, Death, And Crime

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On today's show: Four short stories about how we deal with the threat of danger, death, and crime.

Here's more on those stories:

1. Why Is The Government In The Flood Insurance Business? The quick answer to why the government sells flood insurance: a hugely damaging hurricane named Betsy.

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Thu February 7, 2013
Planet Money

Follow-Up To Our Show, 'An FBI Hostage Negotiator Buys A Car'

We recently received an email from a listener about our show, An FBI Hostage Negotiator Buys A Car.

In that show, Cathy Tinsley of Georgetown University told a story about negotiating to buy pumpkins in a market in Africa.

The listener wrote:

Subject: Credibility issue w/ French pumpkin story

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Thu January 24, 2013
Planet Money

Rollergirl Displeased With Hedge Fund Manager

Big Banger in action
courtesy Jillian Bellovary

And here's a letter from a listener who heard our recent show, A Billion-Dollar Bet Against Weight-Loss Shakes.

Hi Planet Money,

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Tue January 22, 2013
Planet Money

Episode 320: How Fear Turned A Surplus Into Scarcity

Women in India harvesting rice. The global rice panic of 2008 started in India.
Anupam Nath AP

Today on the podcast, the story of one of the most destructive and mysterious food shortages in recent memory. Colbert described it on his Threatdown segment:

The global food shortage is finally becoming an important story, because now it is affecting me. Costco and Sam's Club are now both rationing rice. You can't buy more than 80 pounds in a single visit. How am I supposed to make my famous kiddie pool paella?!?

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Fri January 18, 2013
Planet Money

Episode 431: A Billion-Dollar Bet Against Weight-Loss Shakes

Susan Goldman AP

Herbalife, a company that sells weight loss shakes, vitamins and other similar products, is worth billions of dollars. The company has been around for more than 30 years, and it's traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Bill Ackman thinks the whole thing is a pyramid scheme.Not surprisingly, Herbalife disagrees.

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