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State of the Union to Stress Jobs while Unemployed Struggle

A recent poll by the Associated Press says more than half of all Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama's handling of the economy. That news comes just before he delivers his State of the Union speech, which will emphasize job creation.

According to the poll, a little more than one-third say the economy has improved during the president's first two years in office. Over the last year, Colorado’s unemployment rate has gone up almost a full percentage point to 8.6 percent.

Among the ranks of the newly unemployed are Suzy Radonsky Kohout. She came to a job fair in Fort Collins on Monday looking for work in catering. She wants the President to help revitalize jobs that require creativity.

“Event management, art, music, or the jobs you don’t necessarily see at networking events, something to do with the outdoors for example,” she said.

Others at the event said they’d like to see more of an emphasis on developing technology, and a reduction of red tape on businesses.

More than 300 people attended the Northern Colorado Networking Group fair on Monday. That’s about 100 more than organizers expected.