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Your Letters: Celebrating Music And 25 Years On Air


Now time for your letters.


MARTIN: Last Sunday, I spoke with author Gary Marcus about his book "Guitar Zero" and his own journey late in life to learn guitar.


GARY MARCUS: Well, this whole book in a way got started with me playing a video game called Guitar Hero, which I had purchased in a vague hope in becoming musical.

MARTIN: Turns out a lot of listeners have taken up an instrument as adults. Ann Mitchell posted this comment at NPR.org: After 11 years of piano lessons as a kid, I realized I was not a piano player. More than 20 years after that last lesson, my husband surprised me with a bass guitar, and I've never looked back. For anyone contemplating taking up an instrument, I urge you to give it a try. It is more fun than you can imagine. And this note from Rama Gehris of Mechanicsville, Maryland: The interview really resonated with me - pun intended. I first picked up a cello at nearly age 40, and by sheer persistence have gone from rasping out "Ode to Joy" to solidly mediocre in seven years of daily practice." Finally, last Sunday was this show's 25th anniversary, and to celebrate we had a special puzzle that featured hosts of this program through the years: Audie Cornish, Liane Hansen and Susan Stamberg. Many of you wrote in to say you were delighted, like Cobie Langerak from Atlanta, Georgia who wrote: I found myself misty-eyed during this morning's puzzle. Susan's voice is like that of an old friend, and Liane's infectious laugh still warms my heart. Thank you for allowing me to celebrate along with you in such a meaningful way. And we'd like to thank you for your letters over the last 25 years. Keep them coming. You can write to us on Facebook and Twitter @NPRWeekend, or I'm at @RachelNPR. You can also always go to NPR.org and click on the link that says Contact Us. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.