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Deeply Rooted: The rise of food and fertilizer prices

People shop at a grocery store in New York City.
People shop at a grocery store in New York City.

If you’ve gone grocery shopping lately, you might’ve noticed that the bottom line on your receipt is higher than usual.Inflation has affected nearly every corner of life and food is no exception.

The price of flour and butter has gone up 14 percent. Meat and fish have risen by 13 percent. And fresh fruits by 10. That’s according to a consumer price index report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that was released this month. 

There are a number of factors contributing to higher food prices.Harvest Media reporter Jonathan Ahl writes:

Labor costs, fuel prices, supply chain problems and the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are all partially to blame the increases. Those same problems are at the heart of the overall inflation rate, according to economists.

The rising cost of fertilizers needed for farming is another factor—we discuss that too. This show is the first in a week-long series on agriculture.

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