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Wed July 6, 2011
Beginnings: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond

In Mozambique, A Fight To Keep Babies HIV-Free

Lucrecia Silva and her daughter, Helena, are both HIV-positive. They wait as a nurse in Macia writes a prescription for Helena's anti-retroviral drugs.
Andrea Hsu NPR

The southeastern African nation of Mozambique has some of the highest HIV rates in the world. Within Mozambique, Gaza province in the south of the country is a hot zone for HIV infection. There, 25 percent of people ages 15 to 49 are HIV-positive. Among women in Gaza, the number is even higher: Thirty percent are infected with HIV.

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Wed July 6, 2011
The Two-Way

CNN Cancels Eliot Spitzer's 'In the Arena'

Eliot Spitzer.
Lorenzo Bevilaqua CNN

As part of a broader lineup shakeup, CNN cancelled former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's political talk show "In the Arena." The move comes just nine months after CNN added the show to its lineup and five months after the show's original co-host Kathleen Parker exited because of low ratings.

The New York Times reports:

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Wed July 6, 2011
Culture And Traditions

Love It Or Hate It, Pregnancy 'Bible' Has A Lot To Say

Originally published on Wed July 20, 2011 1:52 pm

Courtesy of Workman Publishing

Since it was first published in 1984, What to Expect When You're Expecting has changed the way millions of women have experienced pregnancy.

With advice on everything from indigestion to postpartum depression, it's a detailed guide to virtually every moment of pregnancy — some say perhaps too detailed.

Dawn Baker didn't get the book at her baby shower last month, and she wasn't disappointed.

"I've actually been told that it's not a go-to resource anymore for modern-day women," Baker says.

'Is It Normal?'

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Wed July 6, 2011
National Security

Terrorism Case Re-Ignites National Security Debate

Photo reviewed by US military officials shows Camp VI entrance in Guantanamo where 70 prisoners were detained on Guantanamo October 2010.
AFP/Getty Images

Somali man Ahmed Warsame was picked up in the Gulf and interrogated by intelligence officials on a U.S. Navy vessel for two months before law enforcement agents came in to question him.

The FBI flew him to New York Monday, where he'll face a civilian trial on conspiracy and weapons charges that could send him to prison for life.

But the allegations against Warsame are nowhere near as important as what his case says about the Obama administration and the politics of national security.

First, the politics.

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Wed July 6, 2011
World Cafe

Lykke Li On World Cafe

Lykke Li performs live on today's World Cafe.
Courtesy of the artist

Since her 2008 debut, Sweden's Lykke Li has built an impressive resume. Her songs have been featured on the soundtrack of Twilight and covered by the cast of Glee, and she's worked with an all-star cast of remixers and collaborators including Kanye West, Kings of Leon and Beck.

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