Dan Boyce

Dan Boyce comes to the Inside Energy team after five years of television and radio reporting in his home state of Montana. In his most recent role as Montana Public Radio’s Capitol Bureau Chief, Dan produced daily stories on state politics and government.



Wed April 22, 2015

Wind Energy Isn't A Green Ally To The Greater Sage Grouse

Greater sage grouse seen here on the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge in Wyoming.
Tom Koerner/USFWS Flickr - Creative Commons

The sage grouse relies on large tracts of unbroken sagebrush habitat, miles of scrubby bushes flowing like an ocean, unbroken by towns and roads. Housing developments, roads, invasive species, and wildfires are fragmenting sagebrush habitat that used to cover 460,000 square miles of North America.

Energy development is a key threat to the sage grouse too. Beyond oil and gas drilling there's another, almost unlikely, culprit involved. Some western conservationists are speaking out urgently against a power source often thought of as one of the greenest — wind farms.

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Tue March 10, 2015

If The Gas Tax Is 'Dying,' How Will Colorado Fund Transportation?

Jim Hill KUNC

It's no secret that America's roads are in trouble. With gasoline prices so low, many lawmakers are saying this is the best time to raise state and federal gas taxes. Those taxes have been the main funding source for road infrastructure for decades.

Raising taxes is never a politically popular move, but Wyoming and Iowa have raised their gas tax in recent years. Other states are seriously considering it. But, it may not be the right solution.

"As a form of revenue that goes long term into the future, the gas tax is a dying tax," said Amy Ford, Communications Director for the Colorado Department of Transportation.

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Wed February 25, 2015

Oil And Gas Task Force's Work Ends With Nine Recommendations

Members of Coloradans Against Fracking line up to deliver health reports to members of the Oil and Gas Task Force.
Dan Boyce Inside Energy

Votes have been tallied on over 50 proposals seeking to reduce conflicts between the public and the oil and gas industry. When it was all said and done, the Governor's Oil and Gas Task Force was able to send nine recommendations along. All passed with the two-thirds majority vote required.

One of the nine attempts to address the task force’s biggest charge -- finding compromise on whether local governments should be given more say when drilling is proposed near residential and urban areas, especially with larger multiwell operations.

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Wed February 4, 2015

Colorado's Oil & Gas Task Force Whittles Down Recommendations

Task force member Will Toor holds up a green sheet to vote in favor of a policy recommendation during the group's February 3 meeting.
Dan Boyce Inside Energy

Paring their list of recommendations down from 56 to about 40, Colorado's 21-member Oil and Gas Task Force has just one more meeting to make final decisions to meet an end of the month deadline. Their recommendations [.pdf] range from hiring more staff at oil and gas regulatory agencies to requiring greater disclosure of chemicals used in the fracking process.

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Mon February 2, 2015

It's Crunch Time For Colorado's Oil And Gas Task Force

Eric Ewing, pictured with his family, outside of their home in Weld County, Colorado with a gas processing facility in the background.
Dan Boyce Inside Energy

Eric Ewing once described his family's two acre plot on the rural Northern Colorado plains as heaven on earth. Now however, Ewing's household is surrounded by the unmistakable signs of oil and gas production - a large new processing facility, clusters of wells and tanks, even a recently drilled well 650 feet from his home.

"It feels like I live in a factory now," he said.

Ewing's concerns about noise, air pollution and quality of life impacts are exactly what Governor Hickenlooper's Oil and Gas Task Force is trying to appease. The group was created as part of a deal to avoid a handful of competing oil and gas ballot measures. But, time is running out for the group to submit policy recommendations.

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