Michael Katzif

In addition to being a musician and music writer, Michael Katzif is a producer and keeper of all things podcast at NPR. He came to NPR as the intern for All Songs Considered, where he obsessively picked over the onslaught of music and wrote about unsigned artists for the site's daily Open Mic (now Second Stage) feature. He currently produces a handful of podcasts and music content for NPR Music and is a frequent contributor to NPR's Song of the Day and NPR's jazz blog, A Blog Supreme.

When not at NPR, Katzif stays distracted with various creative endeavors and musical exploits, documented on his Web site, Hello Come In. He recently finished a long-distance collaboration with friends on a year-long project that produced an EP of original music every month.


Mon July 2, 2012
Tiny Desk Concerts

Exitmusic: Tiny Desk Concert

Emily Bogle NPR

The transporting music of Exitmusic is so grandiose, so romantically rich, it could easily envelop a concert hall or cavernous church. It's a beautifully buzzing mix of distorted guitars, synth pads and sparse electronic beats, all of which intermingle around Aleksa Palladino's alluring, heartsick voice like a swarm of bees in your chest.

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Thu December 22, 2011
The Record

John Congleton: Meet Indie Rock's Unsung Hero Of 2011

Originally published on Thu December 22, 2011 12:07 pm

courtesy of the artist

The job of a music producer, engineer or mixer is rarely one that will make someone a star. Unless you're a George Martin, Brian Eno, or Timbaland, hard work behind the scenes in the studio can be a selfless task. But thumb through the liner notes of records released in the last few years and you'll see John Congleton's name pop up again and again.

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Fri May 20, 2011
Songs We Love

Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On': Songs We Love

Rob Verhorst Redferns/Getty

Marvin Gaye's masterpiece What's Going On turns 40 on Saturday. Click the link above to hear Gaye biographer David Ritz evaluate the album and its legacy on Weekend Edition Saturday.

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