Wed February 16, 2011
The Two-Way

Lance Armstrong Retires Again; This Time, He Says, For Good

Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong has retired from cycling again, and he says "Retirement 2.0" is not going to be followed by another comeback.

"Never say never," Armstrong laughed at the start of an exclusive interview Tuesday with The Associated Press, then quickly added, "Just kidding."

On his Twitter page, Armstrong declares "Onward!"

The AP adds that:

"His retirement ends a comeback effort that failed to produce an eighth title or diminish talk that performance-enhancing drugs helped his career. The timing has as much to do with his growing responsibilities and family as it does with the physical limitations time has imposed. He's tired, and tired of being hounded. Armstrong will miss competing let alone dominating a sport like none before him but not the 24/7/365 training regimen that made it possible."

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