Thu June 9, 2011
Law Enforcement

Multi-State Campaign Warns of Immigration-Services Scams

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office is joining a multi-state effort to help immigrants steer clear of scams targeted at them.

The state attorney general’s office, the Federal Trade Commission and other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are working to highlight some 70 cases involving immigration-services fraud.  Attorney General Spokesman Mike Saccone says scammers target a population that they think is unlikely to report criminal behavior.

“We’ve worked with the Spanish-speaking community, through the Mexican Consulate as well as other community organizations to explain to people if you are a victim of these types of scams we can help you.  We will go after these guys, but you have to report them to us,” says Saccone.

These scams involve individuals or businesses who claim that, for a fee, they can help prepare immigration paperwork. 

Ultimately the consumer pays them a fee and receives documents that are available online for free, or they receive little to no assistance from specialists,” says Saccone

Over the last 2 years, two such groups operating out of Colorado Springs have been prosecuted.  But one of them simply moved to Nevada and continued to scam immigrants seeking help, until he was caught there as well.

Anyone wishing to file a complaint can visit www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/complaint or call 1-800-222-4444

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