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Tue November 15, 2011
NPR Story

Occupy Demonstrators Upset By Camp Clearings

Police officers removed Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park in New York City early Tuesday morning. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the operation took place at night to "reduce the risk of confrontation." But clashes erupted and about 70 people were arrested.


Tue November 15, 2011

Waiting for Call to Make the Call on Redistricting Appeal

Colorado Statesman

A Denver Judge ruled in favor of Democrats last week in approving a new map redrawing the state’s seven congressional districts for the next ten years. KUNC’s Brian Larson speaks with Colorado Statesman publisher Jody Hope Strogoff about what’s next for the GOP.

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Tue November 15, 2011
Around the Nation

Protesters Evicted While New York Park Is Cleaned

Police temporarily cleared Zuccotti Park early Tuesday so that sanitation crews could clean the site Occupy Wall Street protesters have inhabited for two months. About 70 protesters were arrested including some who chained themselves together.


Tue November 15, 2011

WWI: France Hoped Fake Paris Would Fool Germany

Veterans Day was last week, and with it came a reminder of a World War 1 strategy. Britain's Daily Telegraph reported on the fake city France was creating in hopes German bombs wouldn't hit the real Paris. The sham city was never finished because the war ended.


Tue November 15, 2011
Around the Nation

Boise Streaker Picks Wrong Path To Elude Police

Police say a man in Boise, Idaho, went running naked through a park. Police gave chase. When they caught up to him, the naked man had become entangled in the barbed wire on top of a fence.