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Tue August 30, 2011
NPR Story

Obama Nominates Krueger As Top Economic Adviser

Steve Inskeep talks to David Wessel of "The Wall Street Journal," about President Obama's choice of Alan Krueger as chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, and the president's jobs plan.


Mon August 29, 2011
Crime In The City

Moscow, In A Time Of Fear

Remembering Russia's Dark Past: Tom Rob Smith's crime novels follow Soviet security agent Leo Demidov through 1950s Moscow, when Josef Stalin ruled the Kremlin and simply associating with the wrong people could land you in jail.
And all that Malarkey via Flickr

The novels of Tom Rob Smith are set mostly in the Soviet Union of the 1950s, a time and a place where oppression was palpable and any wrong move could get a person sent to a prison thousands of miles away.

Smith's first thriller, Child 44, was the story of a Soviet security agent whose job was to spy on fellow citizens. While many authors are virtual tour guides in the places where they set their novels, Smith had actually only been to Moscow once before — in 1997, on a high school trip.

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Mon August 29, 2011
The Record

Songs Of The Summer: How To Win The Season

Summer songs: best if played outside before September 21.
Mike Weinberg

Ann Powers spoke with David Greene on NPR's Morning Edition about summer songs — those tracks that, as she wrote last week, hit the perfect balance of fun cliches and light-hearted rhythm. They also often hit the top of the charts. But what do those summer songs do to draw us in?

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Mon August 29, 2011

Southern South American Wildfires Expected to Increase

This 2010 photo shows the aftermath of a wildfire outside the town of Futaleufu in southern Chile. A new study by CU-Boulder researchers Andres Holz and Thomas Veblen indicates that wildfires are expected to intensify in southern South America.
Photo courtesy Andres Holz

This summer has some scientists saying extreme drought and hot temperatures may be the new normal for parts of the U.S.  Meantime some Colorado researchers say more intense wildfires may be the new normal for parts of South America.

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Mon August 29, 2011

Enrollment on the Rise at Colorado Universities

More students are heading back to college and graduate school this fall. Initial reports from across Colorado show that student enrollment is up.
Wikiemedia Commons

As college students settle in for the fall semester, classrooms across the state are becoming more and more crowded. Colorado State University in Fort Collins and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs are reporting record numbers of incoming freshman.

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