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Thu August 18, 2011
Strange News

Engine-Powdered Cooler Loaded With Rum And Coke

In Australia, police caught a man riding what can best be described as a scooter. The engine-powered cooler on wheels was "fully loaded" with rum and coke. Chris Petrie may have gotten away with his creative approach to bar hopping, had he not guzzled beers when he built the scooter.


Thu August 18, 2011

Lost Emperor Penguin To Head Home This Month

The penguin became a worldwide sensation after it lost its way and ended up 2,000 miles from home in New Zealand.


Thu August 18, 2011

India's Anti-Graft Crusader Agrees To Public Fast

A renowned Indian anti-corruption crusader has struck a deal with police to hold a 15-day public hunger strike against graft. The deal ends a bizarre standoff at a New Delhi prison where the activist's brief detention had turned into a sit-in protest. Renee Montagne talks to Amol Sharma, who's been covering the story for The Wall Street Journal.


Thu August 18, 2011

Good Guys, Bad Boys Loved By Fans When They Win

Let's examine our mixed feelings about athletes and their public personas. Fans tend to like it when nice guys do well but they don't really mind when bad guys succeed. When it comes down to it, we just like winners.


Thu August 18, 2011
Around the Nation

First Responders Must Sit Out Sept. 11 Ceremony

The firefighters, police, medics and volunteers who rushed to the scene of the World Trade Center after the Sept. 11 attacks will not be invited to the tenth anniversary memorial ceremony in New York. This announcement has led to anger and frustration among many first responders. But the mayor's office says the new site at Memorial Plaza is simply too small.