Ani DiFranco


Tue January 17, 2012
World Cafe

Ani DiFranco On World Cafe

Ani DiFranco
Courtesy of the artist

Ani DiFranco called on a diverse lineup of guests, including Pete Seeger and Anais Mitchell, for her first new record in three years. Over the course of 21 studio albums in a 21-year career, DiFranco's folk-rock music has broached topics from politics to love, but has never strayed from being, as she would say, "righteous." In every sense of the word

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Fri January 13, 2012

Weekend Audition: 3 New Orleans Winners

Ani DiFranco: "?Which Side Are You On?" Righteous Babe Records

What do musicians Ani DiFranco, Wynton Marsalis, and Norah Jones have in common? Answer: They've all been steeped in the rich New Orleans music scene. Let's take a listen -- and look -- at these different, talented artists, beginning with a new release from Ani DiFranco.

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