Tue November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks: China Is Frustrated With North Korea

Among the latest WikiLeaks documents are memos that reveal growing tensions and frustrations between China and its ally North Korea. The leaked U.S. diplomatic cables suggest that in the event North Korea collapses, Beijing would be willing to accept a unified Korea under the South's control.



Tue November 23, 2010

South Korea On High Alert Following Attack

China resisted U.S. pressure to condemn North Korea on Wednesday, a day after Pyongyang shelled a South Korea-held island, killing four people and ratcheting tensions on the peninsula to new highs.

Late Wednesday, China issued its first official statement, which was notable for its failure to condemn or even criticize North Korea. Instead, a foreign ministry spokesman urged both Koreas to show calm and restraint, and to engage in talks.

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