Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking)


Wed November 19, 2014

Watch Greeley Get Surrounded By 15,000 Oil Wells In 13 Years

A screen shot of the maps of oil wells from the Center for Western Priorities
Center for Western Priorities

We all know oil and gas drilling has taken off around the Front Range. Sometimes, though, it's hard to actually visualize that change.

A new set of animations created by the Center for Western Priorities shows how wells expand around the Front Range and other Colorado communities over the past 13 years.

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Wed November 12, 2014
Oil and Gas

Study Finds Shared Chemicals Between Toothpaste, Ice Cream – And Fracking Fluid

A drill rig in Northern Colorado.
KUNC File Photo

Fracking fluid -- is it a dangerous substance, full of secret chemicals and cancer-causing toxins? Or is it safe enough to drink?

A new study from researchers at Colorado State University and the University of Colorado Boulder takes a stab at answering that question. Their take: much of what's found in fracking fluid isn’t all that different from common chemicals found in your house -- and some of it's even in your ice cream.

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Mon November 10, 2014
Oil and Gas

With Moratorium Set To End, Could Fracking Come To Boulder County?

Protesters against oil and gas drilling in Erie. Photo taken June 7, 2012.
Credit Brett Rindt / Flickr - Creative Commons


Tue November 4, 2014

Falling Oil Prices Make Fracking Less Lucrative

Originally published on Tue November 4, 2014 10:35 am

Pumpjacks at the Inglewood oil fields in California in March. Some of the most controversial methods of oil extraction, like fracking, oil sands production and Arctic drilling, are also expensive. That's made them less profitable as the price of oil continues to fall.
Richard Vogel AP

Oil prices are down than more than 25 percent since June and are staying low for now. Drivers may appreciate that, but for oil companies, it's making some of the most controversial methods of producing oil less profitable — and in a few cases, unprofitable.

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Tue October 14, 2014
Ask About Energy

A Visual Guide To The Oil And Gas Trucks On Colorado's Roads

Vibroseis Trucks can be a common site in areas as companies try to locate energy deposits.
BLM Nevada Flickr - Creative Commons

Oil and gas development east of I-25 requires thousands of truck trips every day along Eastern Colorado's major and not-so-major thoroughfares. Some of these conveyances have an obvious appearance and connection to the boom. Think tanker trucks transporting oil away from the well pad. Others are strangely unusual, resembling a monster truck on steroids or a ride fit for a lunar colony.

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