Mon January 6, 2014

Cheerios GMO-Free Decision Mostly About Marketing

Boxes of the oat-based cereal Cheerios will soon sport a GMO-free label, a move that wasn't hard to make.
Credit laffy4k / Flickr/Creative Commons

A popular breakfast cereal will soon sport a label on its familiar yellow box declaring it free of genetically modified ingredients, both a win for anti-GMO activists and the mark of a big food company looking to tap into a niche market for its product.

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Mon December 2, 2013

Under The Microscope: Microbes Can Help Farmers

Researchers at chemical company BASF are working to harness bacteria and microbes for beneficial purposes.
Credit Amy Mayer / Harvest Public Media

Farmers and scientists have long understood that what lives beneath the soil affects how crops grow. Often, they work to fight plant diseases—warding off infectious viruses and damaging fungi, for example. But now some microbiologists are focused on how to harness the good things microbes can do, with the goal of increasing farmers’ yields and diminishing their dependence on chemical inputs.

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