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Rewind: KCRW's Matt Holzman Talks 'Speech' In L.A. With Colin Firth, Et Al.

Now, you may have heard that a lot of people are saying a lot of nice things about a little movie called The King's Speech.Various NPR shows have talked to lead actor Colin Firth, interviewed director Tom Hooper and picked their inspired-by-a-true-story drama as one of 2010's best films.

Jan. 13 was your chance to put your own question to the gentlemen -- or to Helena Bonham Carter, who plays the iron-spined lady who would eventually be known to the world as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

If you circled back to this very spot at 9:45 p.m. (Pacific time), you got to watch as Matt Holzman -- executive producer of the inside-Hollywood show The Business on public radio station KCRW -- moderated a live conversation with Hooper, Firth and Bonham Carter, not to mention Guy Pearce (he plays the king who'll quit for the love of a lady from Baltimore, and become the Duke of Windsor) and Claire Bloom (the formidable stage and screen veteran who plays starchy old Queen Mary) And in the widget below, you and many others submitted questions and comments for Holzman to pass on to the cast and creative team.

If you missed it, we'll keep the video archive up here for six months. Enjoy.

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Trey Graham edits and produces arts and entertainment content for NPR's Digital Media division, where among other things he's helped launch the Monkey See pop-culture blog and NPR's expanded Web-only movies coverage. He also helps manage the Web presence for Fresh Air from WHYY.