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Kinect: Fastest Selling Consumer Electronic Device


Microsoft scored a huge hit with its Kinect game controller. Yesterday, the company said it had sold 10 million since November. That makes it the fastest selling electronic device in history.

NPR's Zoe Chace reports.

ZOE CHACE: Ernest Crumline came into the store to buy a Wii. He saw the Kinect demonstration set up and said he had to try it.

(Soundbite of song, "Soulja Boy Tell'em")

SOULJAH BOY: (Singing) Oh, Soulja boy...

CHACE: The game works like this: you have to mirror the moves of the guy on the screen, and the Kinect reads what your body is doing. If you get the moves right to the "Soulja Boy Tell'em," in this case, you get points.

The runaway success of the Kinect means you're going to see a lot more devices like this coming from Microsoft.

Ms. AMY WEBB (Digital strategy consultant and principal, Webbmedia Group LLC): Microsoft is working hard to have you interact with lots of screens throughout the day, so a screen in your nursery that monitors whats happening with your baby.

CHACE: Amy Webb consults with top tech companies and she says that sophisticated sensor technology in your own home is going to be the new normal, because consumers are loving it and they're willing to pay.

Unidentified Man: So that's $233.17.


CHACE: The sticker price of the Kinect is $150. But Crumline had to buy the Dance game too.

(Soundbite of laughter)

CRUMLINE: And I bought insurance for it because one like this is going to fall because I'm going to be boogieing. I'm going to boogie.

CHACE: That works for Microsoft. Zoe Chace, NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.