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Top Stories: New Details On George Zimmerman; Facebook Increases IPO

Good morning, here are some of the top stories we're looking at today:

Medical Report Details George Zimmerman's Injuries, ABC News Says.

Folks Seem To Like It, So Facebook Boosts Size Of Stock Offering By 25 Percent.

Greece Holds New Elections June 17th, Decides Fate Of Euro; World Stocks Fluctuate. ( Guardian)

Accused Serbian War Criminal Ratko Mladic Makes Threatening Gesture At Trial. ( Reuters)

New French President Meets German Leader After Lightning Strike On Plane Delays Trip Briefly. ( Los Angeles Times)

Searchers Locate Flight Data Recorder From Russian Plane That Crashed On Demonstration Flight In Indonesia. ( AP)

Amnesty International: Mali Facing Worst Human Rights Crisis, Food Shortages In 50 Years. ( Amnesty International)

Deb Fischer Wins Nebraska GOP Senate Primary In Upset, Will Face Democrat Bob Kerry. ( Wall Street Journal)

Germany's New 'Pirate Party' Of Online Activists Wins Votes In Local Election. ( MSNBC)

Dinosaurs Had Arthritis, Or How A Pliosaur Got TMJ. ( Discovery News)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.
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