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LL Cool J: Rapper, Actor And Real Life Tough Guy

He really IS cool. James Todd Smith, better known as rapper and actor LL Cool J, decked a would-be intruder in his Studio City home early Wednesday, foiling a burglary.

Smith apparently broke the nose and jaw of the suspect, who's in police custody after a 'knock-down, drag out fight', according to the Los Angeles Times. Maybe he picked up his fighting skills from his role on NCIS Los Angeles, where he plays special agent Sam Hanna, a former U.S. Navy SEAL.

The actor is fine and so is his family. according to a publicist. The Times identifies the alleged intruder as Jonathan Kirby, described as a 'transient with a length arrest record for thefts, fights and drugs'.

Media sites are bursting with praise: 'LL Cool J TAKES DOWN Intruder In His House', shouts TMZ. LL Cool J ' Puts Hurt On Burglar', adds the New York Post. " Rapper, Actor, Burglar Catcher," says the Washington Post.

But the best line is from L.A. police Sgt. Frank Preciado, who told AP LL Cool J restrained the suspect until police arrived: "My understanding is he just had him in custody with his physical strength".

Maybe the best warning for criminals comes from LL Cool J himself, who put out his hit album, ' Mama Said Knock You Out', in 1990.

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