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Top Stories: Isaac Arrives In Louisiana; Getting Ready For Ryan's Speech

Good morning, we're following these early stories:

Hurricane Isaac Pummels Louisiana; New Orleans Yet To Feel Brunt.

As Ryan Takes The Stage, He Gives Hope To Republicans, Democrats Alike.

And here are more morning headlines:

Syrian President Assad Says His Troops Fighting A 'Global Battle'. ( VOA)

Overwhelmed Turkey Calling For Safe Zone In Syria For Refugees. ( Financial Times)

Afghan President Karzai Angers Parliament By Appointing Disliked Minister To New Position. ( Reuters)

Ex-SEAL Author Has Different View Of Bin Laden's Death In New Book. ( AP)

Legal Appeal From Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Is Rejected. ( Bloomberg)

Report: French Authorities Open Investigation Into Arafat Poisoning Claims. ( AFP)

Former Scottish Editor Of Murdoch Paper Arrested, Charged WIth Obstructing Justice. ( Guardian)

Ariz. Rep. Ben Quayle Loses Primary Election To Fellow Rep. Dave Schweikert. ( Arizona Republic)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.