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Top Stories: Anti-U.S. Violence Reported; U.S. Troop Surge Ends In Afghanistan

Good Friday morning - here are some early stories we're watching:

More Protests In Muslim Nations; Some Violence.

As Last Surge Troops Leave, Some Afghans Take Up Arms Against Taliban.

And here are more early stories:

It's Prisoner of War/Missing In Action Recognition Day. ( Department of Defense)

Government Airstrikes Kill Many Across Syria, Including Victims At Gas Station. ( NBC)

Blackberry Having Service Outage Problems In Europe, Africa And Middle East. ( Wall Street Journal)

Devastating U.S. Drought Cracking Thousands Of House Foundations, Costing Homeowners. ( AP)

Georgian President, Facing Tough Re-election, Criticized Over Video Showing Torture Of Government Prisoners. ( AFP)

Federal Corruption Trial Of Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Opens. ( Detroit Free Press)

Chicago Teachers To Vote On Proposed Labor Contract Oct. 2. ( AP)

General Motors Recalling 426,000 Vehicles Over Problematic Gear. ( Reuters)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.