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Expect '60s Style — But Not Too Much Glee — From A Band Called Unloved

Jade Vincent is the voice of <em>Unloved</em>, a downtempo trio with a 1960s pop feel.
Joe McGivern
Courtesy of the artist
Jade Vincent is the voice of Unloved, a downtempo trio with a 1960s pop feel.

Two composers and a songwriter walk into a bar. That's not the start of a joke; it's the start of a band.

Keefus Ciancia has composed for the TV shows True Detective and The Fall. David Holmes is a DJ, producer, and the man behind the score of the Ocean's 11 franchise. And Jade Vincent is a songwriter with a sultry voice, who sang at the 1920s-style saloon where the three musicians began their collaboration. Guilty of Love, the trio's debut album as Unloved, is out Friday.

"To me, a lot of things are discovered in dark places," Vincent says. "I'm not a super-dark person, but when you hear music like that, you go to the deep end and see what happens. Some of the songs are journal entries, because I write all the time. So I would know exactly where to go to when I would hear the music."

Holmes agrees that the lyrics can be gloomy — but that's not the whole story.

"As kind of dark and twisted, sometimes, the lyrics may be," he says, "they're quite uplifting, as well. There's actually hope in there."

Jade Vincent and David Holmes spoke with NPR's Rachel Martin about the fateful night that brought them together and the inspiration they draw from '60s musicians. Hear their conversation at the audio link.

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