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Band Of Brothers: The X Ambassadors On Pushing An Agenda Through Music

Catie Laffoon

Though my faith is shaky/I got to keep on hoping, keep on hoping/It all feels broken/Got to keep your hope alive.

-“Hoping” by the X Ambassadors

The X Ambassadors have had a promising start as a band. Their catchy single “Renegades” was used in a Jeep commercial after getting national airplay and attention from music critics. But the above lyrics were written in direct response to the election of President Donald Trump. The band is donating proceeds from that song to the American Civil Liberties Union in an artistic protest to the current administration.

Two members of the X Ambassadors, brothers Sam and Casey Harris, join us to talk about getting political in their music and the importance of putting your money where your mouth is.


Sam Harris, Lead singer, X Ambassadors

Casey Harris, Keyboards, X Ambassadors

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