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H. Jon Benjamin On How To Fail Your Way To Success

Ray Mickshaw/FXX

All H. Jon Benjamin has to do to be successful is talk.

Benjamin is the voice of several beloved animated characters, including Bob Belcher of “Bob’s Burgers” on Fox and Sterling Archer of “Archer” on FX. But his new memoir doesn’t celebrate his career wins; it champions his losses.

In “Failure Is An Option,” Benjamin writes:

“To be clear, this is a polemic in favor of failure. It’s an assertion that failure is an option and even, at times, a viable prescription for a better life, despite its long-standing stigmatization. Failure can be incredibly freeing and an end in itself, not just that tired platitude that is a necessary step on the road to success.”

Benjamin joins us to discuss the book’s oddly inspiring message, his iconic work as a voice actor and what to expect in the new season of “Archer.”

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