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What We Talk About When We Talk About Infrastructure

It's infrastructure week somewhere.
It's infrastructure week somewhere.

On his 81st day in office, a bipartisan group of eight lawmakers from both the Senate and the House gathered inside the Oval Office to meet with President Joe Biden. They were there to discuss his massive infrastructure plan.

It will cost 2 trillion dollars and it includes much more than repairs to roads and bridges.

President Biden is looking to redefine what we mean by infrastructure by including social services, too – like nursing homes and child care.

The New York Times wrote about how Biden’s plan would also address water safety, which has become even more of an issue in Jackson, Mississippi.

The water crisis inflamed enduring tensions in Jackson, ones that grip many communities where white residents have fled and tax bases have evaporated. The city has old and broken pipes. It does not have the funding to repair them. City officials estimated that modernizing Jackson’s water infrastructure could cost $2 billion.

Under Mr. Biden’s plan, lead pipes and service lines would be eliminated, and more transmission lines for electricity would be installed.

What’s in the infrastructure bill? And what will its impact be on Americans?

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Avery Kleinman