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What Does It Take To Engineer 1A?

Engineer Jayk Cherry makes the magic happen.
Engineer Jayk Cherry makes the magic happen.

At the end of every 1A show, Jenn tells you about the people who make it happen. Who’s produced the program, who distributes the show, and maybe even you, the listener, in the form of an appeal to join our text club or download the app and podcast. 

All of that is important. 

But one of the most important credits is the one calling out 1A’s sound designer. For years, that’s been Jayk Cherry.

Engineering a radio show is never easy. But the pandemic has turned it into a gauntlet of bad connections, dropped signals and fuzzy Zoom lines.  

In a world where seeing each other in person is still fraught — hearing each other remotely is more important than ever. So what does it take to get a national public radio program on the air? We put that question and others to Jayk, before he leaves us to make it big in Los Angeles.

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Paige Osburn