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Puerto Rico Hurricane Survivor, Lito The Kitten, Finds Home In Colorado

Courtesy of the Schwartz family
Emelia Schwartz and her kitten Lito, who survived two hurricanes on a Puerto Rican island.

Credit Courtesy of the Schwartz family.
Now 5-months-old, Lito traveled from the Puerto Rican island Culebra to live with the Schwartz family in Eagle, Colorado.

For quite a long time, Emelia Schwartz had been asking for a kitten. And for Christmas, Emelia, who is almost 4 years old, got her wish. She got Lito.

But the new kitty isn’t just any rescue cat. Lito survived the devastating storms that hit Puerto Rico last year. The 5-month-old kitten came to Colorado thanks to a volunteer at the Eagle Valley Humane Society.

Schwartz says Lito is happy. “She always comes on my bed and snuggles with me,” Schwartz said.

Vail Daily reported Frijolito -- or Lito for short -- was only two weeks old when she was found wandering by hotel workers at a resort on the island of Culebra. 

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