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Alexis P. Suter Has Impressed Some Pretty Significant Artists

courtesy of the artist

"It's a rare thing to share the stage with great talent like that young lady."

When it's B. B. King who says that maybe the rest of us should take note… as have Levon Helm, Dan Aykroyd and many others.

Alexis P. Suter was brought up by a mother who attended Julliard and sang with no less of giants than Mahalia Jackson, Harry Belafonte, Sister Rosetta Tharp, Mavis Staples and several more. She first sang in church, like so many who later became Blues stars, but for Suter it started when she was only 4.

Gospel began to take the back seat when she heard Ruth Brown singing the Blues on the radio, also at a very young age. Suter doesn't even remember when, just that she always remembers hearing Brown and admiring and emulating her.

Levon Helm, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer and vocalist for The Band, was very impressed by Suter's band and made them a common feature in his Midnight Ramble Saturday night concerts at his studio in Woodstock, NY. All sorts of opportunities and accolades have followed including nomination for the Koko Taylor Award at the Blues Music Awards in 2015. Comparison to Koko is quite appropriate given Alexis' gruff, deep and powerful voice.


Alexis P. Suter has done a half dozen albums that I know of (some of her labels have been a bit obscure). All that I've heard are proof of her formidable talent and command of her material. I expect her to gain many new fans as time goes on.