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Students of various nationalities stand in three rows with their instructor Piangjai Cefkin. The students are wearing a variety of fashions, including t-shirts and jeans to more traditional outfits.
Stephanie Daniel
Community ESL instructor Piangjai Cefkin (seated) poses with her class at the Community College of Aurora. The students hail from all over the world. The college is a community partner with the city of Aurora and its 10-year immigrant integration plan. The plan helps immigrants and refugees access housing, education, health care and city services while bolstering Aurora’s economy.

In Aurora, Colorado about one in five residents is foreign born. While most come from Mexico, many hail from other parts of the world including thousands from the continent of Africa. The city created a plan called “Aurora is open to the world” and partnered with dozens of organizations that provide services to immigrants and refugees.

But is the plan helping those most in need?

In season two of The Colorado Dream, join host Stephanie Daniel as she explores the Black immigrant experience in Aurora as told through the eyes of one African immigrant living in Aurora as the city – and its residents – strive to become an inclusive home for all.

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The “American Dream” was coined in 1931 and since then the phrase has inspired people to work hard and dream big. But is it achievable today? Graduating from college is challenging, jobs are changing, and health care and basic rights can be a luxury. I report on the barriers people face and overcome to succeed and create a better life for themselves and their families.