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Chilean Miner Who Loves Elvis Pays Visit To Graceland

While he and 32 other Chilean miners were trapped deep underground for 69 days last fall, Edison Pena became known as the guy who tried to keep spirits up by singing songs made famous by his idol -- Elvis Presley.

Today in Memphis, Pena got to tour Graceland (which we probably don't need to tell most of you was Elvis' home).

The Commercial Appealsays the 34-year-old Pena "had a big smile on his face, gesturing with his hands as he tried to describe his feelings. 'How can I describe something so amazing?' he asked, shrugging. 'Just coming in the driveway you feel moved.' By the time he reached the meditation garden at the end of his tour, he said he felt 'paralyzed'."

And, true to form, during the tour Pena belted out a few of the King's hits, including Heartbreak Hotel and Suspicious Minds.

You could say he got all shook up:

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