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Today's Top Stories: Jobs Plan, Wildfires, Terror Threat

Good morning.

A lot's been happening since last evening, and we've already posted about:

-- Terror Threat Is 'A Tip,' And Isn't 'Rock-Solid'

-- Power Coming Back On In San Diego; Human Error Blamed

-- Texas Wildfires: 'Aerial Assault' To Start Today

-- Interpol Issues Arrest Warrants For Gadhafi And His Son

-- President's Plan Would Have 'Substantial, Powerful Effect,' Geithner Says

Other stories making headlines include:

-- Along the Susquehanna River in northeast Pennsylvania: "Flood Waters Begin Fall From Late Thursday Peaks." ( The Times-Tribune in Scranton)

-- Bank of America's job cuts may total 40,000. ( The Wall Street Journal)

-- "Slipping Bachmann Seeks Jolt For GOP Campaign." ( The Associated Press)

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