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Top Stories: Terror Plot, Baghdad Bombings, Republican Debate

Good morning.

Our early headline today was a follow to the news about an alleged plan by two Iranians to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the U.S.:

Alleged Terror Plot: 'Brazen And Bizarre'

As for other stories making headlines (and we'll have more about some of them later), they include:

-- "Republican Contenders Go After Obama In Debate."( The Associated Press)

Related: "Mitt Romney Builds Case For Inevitability." ( Politico)

Related: "Cain And '9-9-9' Plan Seize Spotlight At Debate." ( MSNBC)

Related: "Romney Strong, Cain Surging, Perry In Free-Fall." ( The Atlantic)

Related: "Rick Perry Loses Dartmouth Debate, Wins Beta House." ( The Weekly Standard)

-- Myanmar (Burma) Begins Freeing Some Political Prisoners. ( BBC News)

-- "Deadly Car Bombings Strike Baghdad; At Least 20 People Dead And Scores Wounded."( Al-Jazeera English)

-- "Shin Bet Chief: Israel Got Best Shalit Swap Deal Terms Possible." ( Haaretz)

-- "Markets Buoyed By Slovakia Revote Hopes." ( The Associated Press)

-- "Longtime Gay Activist Frank Kameny Dies." ( Washington Blade)

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