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Following Debate Performance, Romney Makes Surprise Stop At Colorado CPAC

Kirk Siegler

As President Obama was speaking at a rally in west Denver, Mitt Romney made a surprise appearance at a Conservative Political Action Committee, or CPAC conference near DIA.

Standing alongside four of his sons, Romney said he needs to win Colorado, and if he does, Republicans will take back the White House.

“For that to happen you guys are going to have to cheer here and then go out and knock on doors and get people who voted for President Obama to see the light and come join our team.”


Romney got a warm welcome from an energized and boisterous crowd at CPAC. He continued with his economic message that he closed the previous night’s debate with.

“And so we must rekindle the American economy. These last three years, this has not been a real recovery. Oh it bumps up, it bumps down, you’re going to see ups and downs over the coming months, I’m sure. But this is not the trend you want to see.”

Romney was certainly alluding to Friday’s impending jobs report which will be the next impact moment for the campaigns in advance of the remaining debates.

Kirk Siegler reports for NPR, based out of NPR West in California.
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