Fiasco! A Community Storytelling Event

Apr 23, 2018

Not one, but two study-abroads that end in disaster! Young guys on a road trip cross the border to Canada. Adventures in Fort Collins real estate. On April 17th, Colorado storytellers came together for "Fiasco!: A Community Storytelling Event" at The Lyric in Fort Collins. Hosted by Luke Runyon, four preselected speakers and one Wild Card audience submission told their stories on one theme. 

Some stories contain adult content & language

Luke Runyon

Credit KUNC

"Let's play qoakka socca'..."

Luke Runyon reports on the Colorado River Basin and Water issues affecting the western U.S. for KUNC. His reporting is supported by a Walton Family Foundation grant. 

Tomas Hererra

Credit KUNC

"I started to see some warning signs..."

Tomas Herrera is one of the founding members of GNU Experience Gallery and NoCoast Artists. He lives in Fort Collins. 

Esther Honig

Esther Honig is a reporter for KUNC and Harvest Public Media. 

Caroline Mitchell

Credit KUNC

"I didn't even know where Zanzibar was..."

The Audience Wild Card, Caroline Mitchell, was chosen from 25 entries. Caroline lives in Fort Collins. 

Ron Bostwick

"I'm not a cowboy..."

Ron Bostwick is a host on KUNC's sister station, 105.5 The Colorado Sound. He hosts weekday mornings from 6-10. 

Zach Yendra

  "They instantly said, 'get out of your truck'..."

Zach Yendra is the owner and fouder of YendraBuilt, a boutique bike-building and design company based in Fort Collins. 

Fiasco! recorded at The Lyric in Fort Collins

Produced by Ryan Thompson, Luke Runyon, and Karlie Huckels

Music Accompaniment provided by Matthew Wilburn Skinner of Tallgrass