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On Sundays, Weekend Edition combines the news with colorful arts and human-interest features, appealing to the curious and eclectic. With a nod to traditional Sunday habits, the program offers a fix for diehard crossword addicts-word games and brainteasers with The Puzzlemaster, a.k.a. Will Shortz, puzzle editor of The New York Times. With Hansen on the sidelines, a caller plays the latest word game on the air while listeners compete silently at home. The NPR mailbag is proof that the competition to go head-to-head with Shortz is rather vigorous.

Another trademark of Sunday's program is "Voices in the News," a montage of sound bites from the past week, poignant in its simplicity. Hansen also engages listeners in her discussions with regular contributors, who cover a wide range of national and international issues.

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In the past year, women have come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and abuse by men across politics, business and journalism. Multiple media organizations have fired or suspended male executives accused of harassment, including NPR.

But the photojournalism world has largely been absent from the #MeToo conversation — and not because there's no aching for one.

"Photojournalism needs to face its #MeToo moment" — that's according to Kainaz Amaria, a visuals editor at Vox and formerly with NPR.

Forget the fake Rolex watches sold on street corners. These days, most counterfeits are sold over the Internet, right into your home. And some of them could seriously hurt you.

Take bicycle helmets. If you don't use one, you probably have a child or relative who does. Bike helmets are meant to protect us if we ever have a serious fall.

Sunday Puzzle: TBA

Sep 16, 2018

On-air challenge: The theme of today's puzzle is "to be announced." Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase or name in which the first word starts with T — and the second word starts BA — .

Example: Pool of water in front of the Jefferson Memorial --> TIDAL BASIN

1. Container for refuse

2. Home of the Rays in major-league baseball

3. Something Serena or Venus Williams hits

4. Subject of a treaty limiting the development of nuclear weapons

5. Moistening device when cooking Thanksgiving dinner

Updated at 12:23 p.m.

In Kim Il Sung square in central Pyongyang Sunday, a military parade marked the 70th anniversary of North Korea. The pageantry lasted more than two hours, and the parade featured bands, fireworks, tanks, balloons and goose-stepping, a North Korean specialty.

But, as NPR's Mary Louise Kelly reports from Pyongyang, the parade was notable for its relative restraint: There were no direct references to North Korea's nuclear weapons, and there were no intercontinental ballistic missiles.

People from across the country gathered this weekend in a small Carolina manufacturing town to celebrate Bigfoot.

The first annual Bigfoot Festival in Marion, N.C. brought together the entire range of participants from sasquatch skeptics and complete nonbelievers to Bigfoot explorers quick to share tales of sightings and howls.

McDowell County Chamber of Commerce director Steve Bush is ambivalent when it comes to Bigfoot.

"I'm going to say that until I see him — I want to believe, but until I physically see him — I'm going to say no at this point," says Bush.

In a male-dominated industry, Geneva Robertson-Dworet is as rare as the female superhero characters she helps craft. The breakout action-genre screenwriter will be adding a historic project to her resume with Captain Marvel, Marvel's first female-led movie, due out next year.

Robertson-Dworet, who penned the Tomb Raider blockbuster reboot, has also been tapped to work on Sherlock Holmes 3, Gotham City Sirens and the new Dungeons & Dragons adaptation.

On-air challenge: I'm going to give you two words that rhyme. Each word has one syllable. You tell me another one-syllable word that rhymes with my two and that fits between my two words alphabetically.

Example: West Zest --> WREST

1. Own Pone

2. Jack Lack

3. Rule Spool

4. Hare Lair

5. Gash Hash

6. Reach Speech

7. Char Far

Diana Evans' new novel is about two couples who — as John Legend sang — are "right in the thick of love."

Evans took her title, Ordinary People, from Legend's song. The whole album Get Lifted, she says, "is very narrative" as it tells the story of "what can happen in a long-term relationship."

On-air challenge: I'm going to read you some sentences, leaving off the last two words. Add an "L" at the front of the first word, and phonetically you'll get the second word, which completes the sentence.

Example: If you drive about 30 miles up the coast from Boston, you'll wind up _____ _____. --> IN LYNN

1. I will sell my buildings in the Midwest, South and West, but I want my buildings in the _____ _____.

2. When the doctor arrived with the blood-sucking creatures, the patient screamed at _____ _____.