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Iron and Wine

  • Singer-songwriter Sam Beam discusses the sound of his words on Iron and Wine's new Ghost On Ghost .
  • Sam Beam says he isn't "worried about people understanding exactly what's happening" in any given song. In this interview, he discusses the "exposed, vulnerable place" described in "Caught in the Briars," as well as the themes that run through Ghost on Ghost, Iron and Wine's new album.
  • Earlier this year, Sam Beam, who writes and performs as Iron and Wine, released his most ambitious album, Kiss Each Other Clean, on which Beam moves away from the hushed bedroom recordings for a fuller, experimental sound.
  • For those who fell in love with Sam Beam's spare solo work, he plays his new full-band material as a solo performer here. Watch Beam show a fresh side of his new songs at the NPR Music offices, and top them off with his devastating 2004 gem "Naked As We Came."