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Paul Simon

  • Simon sits down with World Cafe's David Dye to discuss the classic 1986 album's conception, the era's volatile political culture, and his collaborations with legendary South African musicians.
  • Among the hundreds of songs that remind listeners of winter, one name keeps coming up: Paul Simon.
  • Simon's music can feel timeless even when it's filled with new ideas. His latest work, So Beautiful or So What, explores universal truths about spirituality, life and death.
  • After listening to a box set of old American recordings, singer-songwriter Paul Simon was inspired by a holiday sermon. That song, "Getting Ready for Christmas Day," and others are on his 12th solo studio album. Hear Simon talk with Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep about So Beautiful or So What..
  • So Beautiful or So What, Simon's first album of new material in five years, intersperses transcendent moments of beauty alongside the singer's familiar tricks.