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On Monday, an emergency shelter opened at the Denver Coliseum for women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness. This comes soon after the city opened a new facility for men at the National Western Complex on April 9. The facilities are meant to consolidate a host of services and staffing manpower under one roof, while simultaneously providing more space for social distancing among the guests who stay there.

KUNC’s Rae Solomon took a tour of both shelters. She joined Colorado Edition to report on what she observed.

Pastor Steve Ramer / Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship

The legal process continues for the city of Fort Collins, the American Civil Liberties Union and Fort Collins Fellowship Church. At issue: should people experiencing homelessness be allowed to store their belongings in lockers on the property of the church?

Pastor Steve Ramer says this is a focus of the Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship.

Denver will give homeless people notice before confiscating their belongings and make it easier for them to retrieve seized items under a proposed settlement of a federal class action lawsuit that challenged the way the growing city was clearing homeless encampments.

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Colorado is third among states with the most families with children experiencing homelessness though the number slightly decreased this year.

The Denver Post reports that an annual assessment prepared by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development counted 3,250 homeless families with children in Colorado.

The findings are based on a count conducted on a single night in January to capture a snapshot of homelessness.

Scott Franz / Capitol Coverage

The midterm elections ended almost a month ago, but campaign season isn't over in Denver.

Last month, a small group of homelessness advocates gathered in Civic Center Park to launch a campaign to overturn the city's urban camping ban.

The law passed six years ago and makes it illegal for anyone set up camp and sleep in public spaces. It also prevents someone from taking shelter with a blanket or sleeping bag in city parks.

A new report out of Idaho shows the number of children without a permanent roof over their heads is increasing.  This trend is mirrored across much of the Mountain West. 

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Colorado Springs has launched a new campaign that aims to curtail panhandling by encouraging residents to give elsewhere.

Stacy Nick / KUNC

All his life, David Bublitz only wanted to be one thing.

“I still remember the kindergarten teacher asking what I wanted to be and -- at 5-years-old -- telling her, ‘I’m going to be a comedian,’” Bublitz said.

He had the same answer later in life -- under much different circumstances.

“Everywhere I went along the way -- (I’m) in jail. ‘What do you do?’ Oh, I’m a comedian. ‘Of course, you are.’ I’m in a psych ward. ‘What do you do?’ I’m a comedian. ‘Oh, yes you are!’”

Fort Collins City Council Tweaks Sit-Lie Rules

Mar 22, 2017
City of Fort Collins

The Fort Collins City council approved new rules for behavior in the city.

An ordinance passed during the March 21 meeting prohibits kneeling or lying down in or around a public restroom, sitting on decorative planters and leaving personal belongings unattended in public areas.

Jackie Fortier / KUNC

Critics of a proposal to make it illegal for people to sit or lie down in a popular part of Fort Collins are claiming victory after a contentious, two-hour public comment period during the meeting Tuesday night.

The City Council rejected part of an ordinance, which would have made it illegal to sit or lie on an Old Town sidewalk or plaza from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.