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President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he's ready to use his "big voice" to bolster Republicans' 2020 campaign hopes as he heads west for a four-day visit mixing policy and politics.

Portions of Interstate 70 through Colorado's mountains were shut down Friday because of heavy snow and avalanche control work as a winter storm hit the Rockies.

A stretch of I-70 from the Denver area to the Eisenhower Tunnel was closed, cutting off access to the mountains. Despite all the fresh powder, Loveland Ski Area closed for the day because strong winds.

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Harmful emissions from the agriculture sector are increasingly scrutinized as the climate changes. Now, energy companies want to help dairy farmers reduce emissions.

Virginia-based Dominion Energy and Vanguard Renewables Ag of Massachusetts have announced a $200 million partnership to convert methane from cow manure into renewable natural gas.

Colorado's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dipped to 2.5% in December, the lowest level in at least 44 years.

An unemployment rate of 2.6% in October and November tied the previous record low rate in early 2017. The lowest rate before that, 2.7%, occurred in 2000, The Denver Post reports.

Humpback chub
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An endangered fish found in the Colorado River basin is on the upswing, federal officials said Tuesday as they proposed reclassifying the humpback chub as threatened.

A Colorado lawmaker who gave birth during the legislative session said she plans to return to the Capitol as soon as possible to take votes on the floor.

State Sen. Brittany Pettersen gave birth to Davis James Silverii on Sunday, The Colorado Sun reported.

An official investigation into reports of large drones flying in groups over the western U.S. plains in the hours after sunset has confirmed nothing illegal or out of the ordinary, a finding of little solace to folks who say the truth is still out there.

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A subtle design feature of the AR-15 rifle has raised a technical legal question that is derailing cases against people who are charged with illegally buying and selling the gun's parts or building the weapon.

At issue is whether a key piece of one of America's most popular firearms meets the definition of a gun that prosecutors have long relied on.

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A domestic violence gun investigator was hired by Denver prosecutors amid efforts to enforce a law banning most domestic violence offenders and suspected offenders from possessing firearms.

Colorado Democratic state Sen. Lois Court announced Monday she is resigning effective Jan. 16 due to health issues.

A statement released by majority Senate Democrats said Court has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder.