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Population Growth

Esther Honig

In the far northeastern corner of Colorado sits the small town of Julesburg. Surrounded by fields of corn and wheat, farming is the predominant occupation here, and has been for much of the town’s history.

In 1930, Sedgwick County hit its peak population of over 5,580. This was a time when farming required extra hands. But in the decades since, residents, mainly young people, have left for jobs and opportunity elsewhere.

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The Colorado trail runner who killed a mountain lion with his bare hands did exactly what he should have, according to David Baron. The Boulder-based science writer is the author of the book, “The Beast in the Garden,” about the growing clash between people and wild animals.

“With a mountain lion, you do not want to play dead,” Baron said. “If a mountain lion attacks you, it’s not because it’s defending its kittens. It’s not because it feels threatened, unless you maybe cornered it. If a mountain lion attacks you, almost always it’s because that lion, on that day, has decided that you look like prey.”

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One of northern Colorado’s largest event centers is gearing up for a big expansion. Plans for The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, home to the Budweiser Events Center and Colorado Eagles hockey team, include a new 8,000 seat arena, youth sports complex and an expo center.

This is also your chance to chime in and comment on the proposed changes. 

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If you haven't lately, look up at the night sky where you live. How many stars can you see? Chances are, not many. Light pollution might be preventing you from getting a good view.

Colorado has two night sky "places" accredited by the International Dark Sky Association, where the stars shine especially bright. Both are in the southwestern region of the state.

But it could soon have a third one — this time in northern Colorado.


Larimer County commissioners have again delayed their vote on a controversial water pipeline the city of Thornton wants to build north of Fort Collins. The issue has been tabled until December.

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More than thirty years ago, the city of Thornton purchased water rights along the Poudre River in Larimer County. Those rights, about 14,000 acre-feet, haven't been tapped for municipal use — until now.

Utah and Idaho were the leading states for employment growth over the past year, according to new data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also in the top five were Nevada and Colorado.

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Brant Porter, the supervisory ranger at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, is contending with a very Colorado kind of problem: people, a lot more of them than in years past.

So far this year, the park has attracted 55 percent more visitors compared to the same period a year ago. The park isn't alone. That trend is taking place at most of the state's national parks, monuments, historic sites and other areas.

In The Desert City Of Tucson, The Grass Is Not Greener

Jul 3, 2018
Vanessa Barchfield / Arizona Public Media

Tucson, Arizona used to be a city of lawns. Patches of Bermuda grass lined residential neighborhoods, kept green — even in blazing summer months — with diligent watering. Over the decades, that has changed. Tucsonans eschew lush lawns for landscaping that is more in tune with the city's desert setting — though that doesn't necessarily mean there's no green.

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Throughout the Western U.S., water conservation is in the toilet.

And that’s a good thing.