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Sun October 23, 2011
Music Interviews

Kitty, Daisy And Lewis: English Siblings With Vintage Taste

Originally published on Fri November 4, 2011 7:10 pm

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Durham began playing music together while growing up in London.

Courtesy of the artist

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis is a three-piece band, comprising a trio of musical siblings from North London. They're wrapping up a European tour now, back at home in England after getting rave reviews on the road in Spain and France. Their sound has been heralded by the likes of Coldplay, whom they toured with in 2009.

Weekend Edition Sunday host Audie Cornish spoke with Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Durham from the BBC studios in London, and began by asking how the family band got its start.

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Sun October 23, 2011

Pro Pitchers' Dirty Secret Rubbed On Every Ball

Lena Blackburne Baseball is the only baseball rubbing mud company that serves the pro leagues. Where does the mud come from? That's a secret.

Todd Vachon WHYY/NewsWorks

Behind every pitch in professional ball is a guy like Dan O'Rourke, rubbing up baseballs in the Philadelphia Phillies clubhouse. He plucks a ball from a stack of boxes between his knees and prepares his hands with mud.

"I'm applying mud to the baseball to take the sheen, the shininess off the ball, so the pitchers have something to hold onto," he says. He gives the ball a few quick turns against his palm.

"I do roughly three to four balls at a time," he says.

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Sat October 22, 2011
Sunday Puzzle

Sometimes You've Got To Find The Right Word

On-Air Challenge: You'll be given three words. Name the fourth word that, when added to each of these words, creates a familiar two-word phrase. The answer will rhyme with one of the three words. For example, if you're given "boob," "inner" and "test," the fourth word would be "tube."

Last Week's Challenge: Think of a familiar two-word rhyming phrase that starts with the letter F, like "fat cat." Change the F to a G and you'll get another familiar two-word rhyming phrase. What are these phrases?

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Sat October 22, 2011
Arts & Life

Arts Giving Is Up, But Hold The Applause

Originally published on Sun October 23, 2011 5:21 pm

Soprano Anna Netrebko, right, portrays Anne Boleyn in the Metropolitan Opera's production of Anna Bolena in New York. The Met raised $182 million in in donations in its last fundraising year.

Kathy Willens AP

While the overall U.S. economy seems to be stuck in neutral, there are a few bright spots. One of them is charitable giving to the arts, which was up more than 5 percent last year.

But a new study cautions that much of that support serves audiences that are wealthier and whiter than the country as a whole.

Kudos For The Met

Audiences at the Metropolitan Opera in New York cheered this year's season-opening production of Anna Bolena. The Met has something else to be excited about: a record fundraising campaign.

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Sat October 22, 2011

Journey From N.Y. To Be Somalia's Prime Minister

Originally published on Sun October 23, 2011 4:29 am

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, right, takes the oath of office as he is sworn in as interim prime minister of Somalia last November.

Farah Abdi Warsameh AP

Somali-American Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed came to the U.S. in 1985 to work at the Somali Embassy in Washington, D.C.

When civil war broke out in Somalia, Mohamed decided to stay in the U.S., moving to Buffalo, N.Y., where he earned a bachelor's degree in history and a master's in political science at SUNY.

Mohamed held various local government jobs before becoming a regional compliance specialist at the New York State Department of Transportation, but just a few months ago, he was the interim prime minister of Somalia.

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