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I’ve been a listener of NPR for as long as I can remember. I grew up listening to Iowa Public Radio in Davenport, Iowa, and then tuned in to WHYY when I attended Bryn Mawr College outside of Philadelphia.

I began my career as a journalist in the print medium. As a general assignment reporter at the Boulder Weekly, I covered politics, the environment, agriculture, and sports. I won multiple Society for Professional Journalism awards, including first place honors for Best Political Feature Writing and Best Science/Agricultural Feature.

I began experimenting with sound and radio at my local Boulder community radio station, KGNU. I still remember the first story that I did for the station—about a “weed management” program by the city of Boulder in which it hired goat herders to graze their animals in weed-infested fields. The sounds I recorded brought the story alive in a way I had never experienced before. At that point—the summer of 2007—I was hooked. I had to do more stories for radio.

During my tenure at KUNC, I've been recognized by the Colorado Broadcaster's Association, Associated Press and RTDNA for my radio feature stories. I've received three national Edward R. Murrow awards, in 2010, 2011, and 2012 for feature and investigative reporting. In 2012 I received the Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize.

As a reporter at KUNC, my goal is to bring the voices of ordinary people to the airwaves—not just those of spokespeople or individuals in positions of power.  I look forward to serving the region of Northern Colorado and meeting many of you in my journalistic travels. I also welcome feedback and story ideas, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line via e-mail.



Wed March 9, 2011

Despite Proposed Merger, State Parks Face $2.1 Million Shortfall

Cherry Creek Marina
Colorado Division of State Parks

Colorado lawmakers and officials with the Department of Natural Resources are meeting tomorrow to discuss consolidating two of its divisions: state parks and wildlife. The move is expected to save Colorado millions of dollars in the long run. But there are still short-term questions for the Division of State Parks, which still needs to plug a multi-million dollar budget shortfall. KUNC’s Grace Hood has more as part of our Government and You series.

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Mon March 7, 2011

CSU Business Panel Focuses on Integrity in Financial Reporting

Creative Commons

Students at Colorado State University’s College of Business spent part of today discussing how and why CEOs at large companies like Tyco embezzle millions.

The path can sometimes be slow, with leaders quietly testing policies and procedures. But the end result could cost companies millions of dollars.

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Mon March 7, 2011


Fri March 4, 2011

Author Teresa Funke Discusses Women’s History, ‘Dancing’ On Stage

Author Teresa Funke wrote the book “Dancing in Combat Boots” about women’s experiences during WWII. She’ll perform a one-woman show based on that book March 9 & 10 at Bas Bleu Theatre in Fort Collins.
Kendra Spanjer

It’s not often that a writer and historian steps over into the world of acting. But that’s what Teresa Funke has done with her 2007 book “Dancing in Combat Boots”. It presents 10 fictional stories based off women’s real experiences at home and abroad during World War II. During March, which is Women’s History Month, KUNC’s Grace Hood sat down to talk with Funke about her upcoming play and book--and one thing you may not know about Greeley’s past.

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Thu March 3, 2011

Larimer County Says Jail Overcrowding Over—For Now

Larimer County Jail was designed to hold as many as 533 inmates. Current funding caps that number to 460.
Grace Hood

After a spike in the number of female inmates, Larimer County Jail officials say the population has decreased to normal levels.

Larimer County budget constraints are limiting staffing at the jail. That means that even though the facility was designed to hold as many as 533, current funding caps that number to 460. And there are also space constraints. When the number of women increased in mid February, jail administrator Capt Timothy Palmer said he had to add beds in the common area, and even convert a male housing area into one for women.

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