Sat April 16, 2011
Sunday Puzzle

Cool As A Cucumber

On-Air Challenge: Every answer is a simile, in the form "___ as a ___." You are given a rhyme for the first and last words. For example, given "dead as a street," the answer would be "red as a beet."

Last Week's Challenge: From listener Dan Pitt of Palo Alto, Calif.: Name a unit of length in the plural form. Rearrange the letters to spell two units of weight, also in the plural form. What units are these?

Answer: "Angstroms," rearranged will get "tons" and "grams."

Winner: Paul Wagner of Eau Claire, Wis.

Next Week's Challenge: From listener Steve Baggish of Littleton, Mass.: Think of a nine-letter word naming a venue for certain sports. Three letters in the word are repeated. Remove all the repetitions, and the remaining six letters can be rearranged to name a piece of sports equipment. What are these two words?

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